“Yellow horse evolution project”


1. Who am I?

I am Rosaria Iazzetta, artist and Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. In 2005 I completed a Masters of Art in Sculpture at the Tokyo University of the Arts, thanks to the support of a scholarship from the Japanese government and Italian Ministry. I have been teaching since 2009, and the theme of my Art is always socially based. I believe that Art work should focus on social needs, and represent all those difficult issues that have not yet been addressed. Creativity grants the freedom needed to break ideologies and the most intimate aspects of the world. 


2. When was the idea behind the journey birthed?

Although I had been working often in Japan, it wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that I worked for the first time in the Iwate territory, in northern Japan. It was then that I realized how deeply apart Italy and Japan were from each other, but how close and similar the social issues were. The focus of my research was to measure the social status and wellbeing of women. Even though the cultures are very different, there are many peculiar characteristics that needed to be told. With this in mind, the idea of my journey was born and I started planning my route from Naples, Italy, the city where I live and work, to Morioka city in Japan. Naples and Morioka not only have a very similar morphological aspect (the Vesuvio in Naples and Mount Iwate in Morioka), but also they represent the beginning and the end as the Antipodes of a gradual path in Europe and in Asia, two extreme cultural representations of the cultural realm. In this journey from Italy to Japan, I will be riding my motorcycle across 45 cities in 11 countries. 


3. Where did the project name "Yellow horse evolution" come from?

In the historic Iwate territory, there used to be horses that despite their physical appearance were extremely fast. Nowadays, this characteristic is no longer present. I wanted to recapture the characteristic strength of the Japanese villages of the north by adding a bright color: yellow. This color is not only the color of my motorcycle, but is the symbol of happiness and light, a color that will bring illumination on all those aspects that are still in darkness. The word "evolution", quite different from "revolution", is an invitation for the need to evolve, thanks to the new acquired awareness that will arise from this journey. The interviews aim to become the impetus of cohesion for the feminine community worldwide. 

4. What are the objectives?

While riding through 45 cities in 11 countries I will interview different women, who are affirmed in the Art world, either culturally or socially, women who have realized a dream or defended a right. In this cultural and political moment, there is a lack of examples and models to follow, who can inspire new generations to believe in themselves. Women, because often marginalized and not taken seriously, have an obligation to fullfill: confront and share different cultural paths in order to unite. The interviews will become a part of an English documentary with subtitles in different languages, and will be shown in Asia and in Europe. 


5. Why am I travelling by motorcycle?

When I create a sculpture, usually, I work alone for many months in the silence of my studio. I wish to invest the same amount of time and the same daily effort to create a social sculpture, composed of meetings and relationships. Crossing through many countries by motorcycle to meet these women, one by one and one on one, will be the main material of my creation, of my sculpture, and the interviews that will formulate the documentary will be the shape that my sculpture will take metaphorically. The effort from riding and travelling is the necessary tool needed to knit together all these womens' experiences in one big community. As a matter of fact, the different languages, cultures and social issues could not be perceived if this journey would be accomplished by plane. For this reason, this journey must be carried out by motorcycle. 


6. How are the interviews organized?

Most of the meetings in the 45 cities are already planned ahead, but is always working progress. The interview will be video recorded, and in case of a numerous meetings at the same time, women will be asked to answer a questionnaire in writing. The most important aspect of these interviews is to video record the most profound part of the womens' choices, of their talent and of all the difficulties that they have encountered. Sharing empathy and inspiring the future spectator is the main objective of my project. Discovering and showing the same social dynamic in their cultural diversity or vice versa. The Documentary will be the witness to be donated to new generations. Interviews will be conducted in English, but for those who won't be able to understand the language, there will be an interpreter and a translation to follow. 


7. How is the journey organized? 

From Italy, departure from Naples on June 27th, I will be stopping in Perugia (4 days), to teach as a Professor of Sculpture in the programme of professional courses for art-therapists by Naples School of Art Therapist. Then Croatia, in July, I will be stopping in Serbia  (1 month) to participate in the Monumental Terracotta Sculpture Workshop at centre TERRA in Kikinda. In August, I will go to Hungary, Ucraina, Russia and Kazakistan. In September I will be arriving in Mongolia and China. In October South Korea and Japan until Morioka, coming back by plane, from Tokyo on October 24th. After the journey the motorcycle will be shipping to Italy. 


8. Who can support the project and why?

The project is possible thanks to Sponsors or spontaneous donations, that anyone can do, as long as ethically in conformity with the objectives of the "Yellow Horse Evolution". The method of support is via Bank wire or direct payment, after signing the donation form. The support could be just moral patronage or throu an money donation. The expenses are many: gasoline, motorcycle maintenance, room and board, equipment journey-motorcycle, boarding ship, highways, insurance. Logos and sponsors will be exhibited during the journey and in press. Supporters will be active witnesses of the journey and will be kept updated throughout the entire journey. 


Thanks to English traslator Erika Papagni, PhD